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Training With Arnold. History We Made Together






07/08/16 Competition In Life

06/29/16 What Do You Do When You Develop Pneumonia and Congestive Heart Failure

06/21/16 Discipline In Life Coming From Dedication In Fitness And Nutrition

06/20/16 Is It Possible To Spot Reduce Fat?

06/14/16 You Are What You Eat

06/09/16 Senior Fitness Starts at Youth

06/03/16 Does Bodybuilding & Fitness Attract the Opposite Sex?

06/03/16 Sleeping Disorders, Anxiety, Depression and Panic Attacks

05/27/16 The Silver Era of Bodybuilding 1940s thru 1960s

05/24/16 Ladies, Lets get into Shape with Weights!

05/23/16 Bodybuilding, Aging and Keeping the Body Tight

05/20/16 Life at Venice Beach in the ‘70s

05/18/16 How Supplements and Diet Have Changed In Fitness

05/16/16 You’re Never Too Old to Get Into Shape

5/12/16 Big Muscles and the Big Screen — Bodybuilders in Film

05/05/16 From The Golden Era Of Bodybuilding



15 Things That Made Arnold Schwarzenegger Great
With all of his diverse triumphs, it feels like Arnold is five or six men wrapped up into one. Here are the secrets of his unprecedented success, as recalled by his former training partner Ric Drasin!
Section: Training :: May 08, 2014

Ric's Corner: Ed Connors On Gold's Vs. Google.
Ripped directly from the news headlines, Ric has arranged an interview on short notice with instrumental former Gold's Gym Venice owner Ed Connors regarding the breaking story of internet behemoth Google's intentions to expand their Venice campus to encompass the area including the gym and a number of other historical landmarks. With his busy career as an architect, Ed has taken out time to bring light to this important issue. But first, he chronicles the history of ownership, locations, and expansion of the franchise along with original partners Tim Kimber and Pete Grymkowski. Ed has his own opinions on co-ed training, the current state of the bodybuilding industry, pharmaceutical use and side effects, his relationship to Joe Gold, and the importance of keeping history alive. Ed's proposal for Google: Leave the gym to operate and allow your employees to use the gym with the other members, a mutually beneficial agreement.
Section: Mind :: May 22, 2012

Ric's Corner: Ms. National Fitness Nita Marquez Part 1.
This week, Ric fast forwards past the Golden Era interviews, plucking a guest from the current roster of champions. Coming from a non-athletic background where she struggled with her weight, she began reading fitness magazines, admiring the elite and muscular feminine physique. Undoubtedly, as many women in fitness and bodybuilding have, she was influenced by pioneer and icon Cory Everson, not to mention other greats Kelly Ryan, Monica Brant, and Lena Johannesen. Without a background in other sports, she rose through the ranks with natural talent and a burning ambition. Nita credits her support system for much of her success, and reflects on the balance of career and life.
Section: Mind :: May 15, 2012

Ric's Corner: Robby Robinson Part 4.
Robby muses on the incredible success and multiple careers of Arnold, despite his recent personal woes. A group of the old guys (at various levels of fitness as Ric points out) will be featured in an upcoming issue of Men's Journal magazine in a special Golden Era spread, and the pair share predictions on who's going shirts and who's going skins. Still in outstanding shape, Robby details his secret on maintaining his impressive bicep peak.
Section: Mind :: May 08, 2012

Ric's Corner: Robby Robinson Part 3.
With audio equipment tuned up, Robby and Ric take to the second half of the interview. Ric's just too curious to hear the details about what Robby is most well known for - the infamous bronze sculpture featuring Joe Weider's head on Robby's torso; instantly recognizable, the piece has become part of the mythos of the brand, even inciting envy from Arnold. Naturally the conversation turns towards the storied life and career of Weider, and his incredible influence on the industry.
Section: Mind :: May 02, 2012

Ric's Corner: Robby Robinson Part 2.
Robby continues with some additional gym techniques, and explains his impulses to correct others form, and bad personal trainers, in the gym from time to time. While his diet has changed somewhat over the years, his training remains remarkably the same - it's true that the old-school ways are still the ones that work. In addition, he's also mixed in some advanced techniques like fascia massage to not only get stronger than he was, but to remain injury free as well. Well versed on the industry overall, Robby offers some final words not only for aspiring bodybuilders working towards pro status, but the average gym guy with a passion for the iron game.
Section: Mind :: Apr 24, 2012

Ric's Corner: Robby Robinson Part 1.
Due to demand from viewers, Ric shoots a multi-part interview and training series with another missing piece of the Golden Era puzzle, generational bodybuilder Robby Robinson. As strange as it sounds, Robby's introduction into the world of fitness was made as he began to watch Jack LaLanne at a young age, following his TV "plyometrics" routine, probably long before that term became popular. Inflicted with a blood disorder as a child, he began to see improvements in his condition with exercise, and quickly discovered the bodybuilding scene. Another proponent of the artistic side of bodybuilding, this focus was the natural route for Robby after having an unfavorable reaction to the drugs prevalent in those days. Topics eventually veer towards how bodybuilding has changed over the years, as per usual of Ric's interviews.
Section: Mind :: Apr 10, 2012

Ric's Corner: Is Bodybuilding Still Alive?
Following up one of the questions raised during his recent interview with Jerry Brainum, Ric analyzes the current state of scene to determine an answer to this important question. It becomes clear that this task raises even more questions than it answers - do bodybuilders today have the charisma to be real champions in a world outside the stage? Is the fan base strong enough for just the big guys?
Section: Mind :: Apr 04, 2012

Ric's Corner: Jerry Brainum & Old School Bodybuilding Part 2.
Ric asks Jerry about his stance on the supplement industry, and as expected he has much to say. To support healthy aging, Jerry has moved beyond the bodybuilding realm into wellness items like resveratrol, but in the same breath denounces current industry practices of ingredient stuffing and proprietary labeling. Flashback to the supplement scene in the 70's, and one was limited to Blair's and the occasionally unsavory Bob Hoffman line.
Section: Supplements :: Mar 28, 2012

Ric's Corner: "Time Of My Life" Book Promo.
A decade in the making, Ric is releasing his new book covering his "3 lifetimes" worth of experience in bodybuilding, rock & roll, wrestling, acting, business and more. Jam packed with all the wild stories of the Golden Era, rare pictures, and plenty of humor, you'll also learn about the success mindset that's been fueling this renaissance man for 6 decades (with no signs of slowing down)!
Section: Mind :: Mar 20, 2012

Ric's Corner: Jerry Brainum & Old School Bodybuilding Part 1.
Down at Venice, Jerry returns to Ric's Corner to help answer the question, "Is Bodybuilding Dead?" The short answer - the public has become disillusioned by the quest for more and more size. Bodybuilding began as a way to stay healthy, but has gradually shifted to a culture believing that the right drug combo can get them into the Mr. Olympia. Both recall the old familiar platitudes - diets of protein and heavy cream, gyms sans cardio machines, and all-you-can-eat buffets with Lurch from the Addams Family (maybe not so familiar). Jerry was even called out by Arnold for looking like a wrestler which led him to the first cutting phase of his career.
Section: Mind :: Mar 14, 2012

Ric's Corner: The Silver Era Continues.
Ric digs back in to his own personal history and it's relationship to the Silver Era of Bodybuilding - the 50's and 60's. Ric regales vintage accounts of jealous ex-girlfriends, Bob Hoffman's Proteen, the built Brunet Bros. twins, and a mythical time before drugs where bodies were only built with sweat and iron; resurfacing these important historical roots.
Section: Mind :: Mar 07, 2012

Ric's Corner: Training, Aging And Your Heart Part 2.
Sporting yet another vintage Gold's Gym t-shirt design, in part 2 Ric updates after getting a full cardiovascular workup, and the news isn't the best, being offered a number of solutions, some of which are frightening and have the potential of causing other issues. But, Ric refuses to live with regrets nonetheless. The take home message: Take care of your heart when you're young!
Section: Training :: Feb 28, 2012

Ric's Corner: Training, Aging And Your Heart Part 1.
Ric offers some serious advice on keeping your heart healthy while training past 50 after undergoing a battery of cardiovascular medical tests. Take his advice, and you can avoid having to roto-rooter your blood machine.
Section: Training :: Feb 20, 2012

Ric's Corner: Reg Lewis & The Silver Era Part 2.
The conversation moves into Vince Gironda and his ahead-of-the-times philosophy, Blair's protein, Joe Gold, Zabo Koszewski, and even Elvis. Reg still stays busy with personal training, but likes to stick with his niche of high income professionals. When it comes to physiques, invariably Reg is a proponent of yesterdays "speed and grace" over today's "gorillas", and discredits advertising that claims vitamins and minerals built a body that clearly drugs did. They both agree that even the facial expressions during posing have changed.
Section: Mind :: Feb 07, 2012

Ric's Corner: Reg Lewis & The Silver Era Part 1.
Ric's lined up another living legend and highly influential figure in the history of bodybuilding, all the way back from the "Silver Era", the 50's and 60's. Reg Lewis was focused only his baseball career as a teenager, and bodybuilding was simply a means to an end. On a spur of the moment suggestion, he won his first show in 1954 and quickly began establishing himself in the scene, even befriending icon Steve Reeves. From there, things accelerated as Reg was drawn naturally into the world of entertainment, eventually landing magazine covers, working in Mae West films alongside other greats, and acting in his most well known role as Hercules. An early advocate of the home gym, Reg had everything he needed to build at that time a world-beating physique. This was only after getting some pointers about intensity from timeless guru Jack LaLanne. Some may not know that he was also one of the first bodybuilders to compete naturally and win at the national level as drugs became popular in the early 60's.
Section: Mind :: Jan 31, 2012

Ric's Corner: Con Demetriou Part 3.
Actually a separate interview rather than part 3 of the original interview with the pro Aussie bodybuilding sensation, Con talks about a recent un-bodybuilder like workout that took place at a MMA training facility, involving tire flips, hammer swings, rope climbs, and other athletic conditioning. A PR piece for his website, he admits backing off a bit on this type of training amidst his contest prep for the Dallas Europa. An off-the-wall but honest discussion of bringing up glutes leads to pondering bodybuilding vs. wrestling vs. MMA fighting as a career choice, and Ric recommends wrestling for the nice guys.
Section: Training :: Jan 17, 2012

Ric's Corner: Vince Adams.
Ric brings in LA trainer and actor Vince Adams, who comes from the same old-school camp of train heavy and eat big. In his nearly 40 years of training, Vince seems to have seen almost every training scheme out there, and at some point taken the best from many of them, and both have noticed a concurrent, opposing shift between intensity and "enhanced" physiques since the old days, the latter increasing while the former generally dropping. A few other tips garnered - watch the overtraining, and less weight usually means less health problems. Vince has other projects going on - including an interesting concept for a vintage bodybuilding club.

Vince's Website

Section: Mind :: Dec 28, 2011

Ric's Corner: Mike O'Hearn Part 2.
Part 2 gets further into Mike's show business career, and into his custom training program, a unique mixture of powerlifting and bodybuilding. Mike admits to steak burritos as cheat meal favorites, and both him and Ric are big fans of
Section: Mind :: Dec 20, 2011

Ric's Corner: Mike O'Hearn Part 1.
The youngest in a large family, Mike got an early start with a foundation in martial arts and weightlifting, and good genetics helped him excel in both. One of many future fitness stars discovered by Joe Weider, things moved quickly as Mike was suddenly asked to pick up from his small town life and move to LA, the land of opportunities. Always one to branch out his career, this ubiquitous cover model and "superhero" has had his hand in quite a few pots over the years, from various training disciplines, to MMA, stunts, wrestling, and acting, most well known as "Titan" on the original American Gladiators series, then in the lesser known but bloodier "Battle Dome".
Section: Mind :: Dec 13, 2011

Ric's Corner: Tip Of The Week - Protein Pudding.
Ric mixes up a quick, easy, and delicious high protein pudding, great for hitting your macros any time of the day.
Section: Nutrition :: Dec 06, 2011

Ric's Corner: The Silver Era Of Bodybuilding Part 1.
Ric takes a step back in time even further into the history of bodybuilding, all the way back to origins in the 30's and 40's. Names like Steve Reeves, Reg Park, Reg Lewis, Steve Reeves and even Sean Connery were ubiquitous in the day. Also highly influential, the Charles Atlas magazine ads that sparked the imagination in everyone from little boys to grown men. The bodies were built the old fashioned way, with strong work ethics and basic, high quality diets.
Section: Mind :: Nov 30, 2011

Ric's Corner: Tony Catanzaro.
Ric hits the streets down at Venice and locates East Coast trainer, model, and gym owner Tony Catanzaro. Tony runs down his training split, discusses going heavy and slow vs. light and fast, and is ready to make the move to the Mecca for the fun, sun and serious workouts.
Section: Mind :: Nov 23, 2011

Ric's Corner: Gold's In The Early 80's Part 6.
In the final segment, you'll see more women serious about arms, big Lyle Alzado and the Barbarian brothers, and some very rare shots of the "A Team" filming on location. Technical glitches aside, there's also some Robbie Robinson and Mike Quinn in there too.
Section: Mind :: Nov 16, 2011

Ric's Corner: Ric's Corner: Gold's In The Early 80's Part 5.
This week, find owner Ed Connors getting business done, Victor Richards rolling dumbbells, and a taste of 80's California beach life. More Venice characters include Jeff Henry and Rick Valente.
Section: Mind :: Nov 09, 2011

Ric's Corner: Ric's Corner: Gold's In The Early 80's Part 4.
For Ric's 100th Episode you'll get more Samir (of course), Dave Dupree, ladies on legs, Kent Kuene, and a Lou Ferrigno look-alike squatting big.
Section: Mind :: Nov 01, 2011

Ric's Corner: Gold's In The Early 80's Part 3.
Up this week: Mike Christian's big curls, more posing from Bill Grant, small talk with Samir, plus a look at all the fantastic custom-made machines of the era. Jack Armstrong's in there too, looking like Sammy Hagar on the standing calf.
Section: Mind :: Oct 25, 2011

Ric's Corner: Ric's Corner: Gold's In The Early 80's Part 2.
This time we find Samir Bannout posing calves, Bill Grant having some fun, Don Ross modeling his new hair style, and even some illicit entertainment on the floor. One thing's for sure, the music was better.
Section: Mind :: Oct 19, 2011

Ric's Corner: Bill Grant - Memorial Day Part 2.
Machines have their place in bodybuilding, especially the likes of the specially made custom pieces at the original Gold's Venice. They can help with muscle isolation, cutting back when recovering from injuries and easing up the stress on joints. But, as Bill and others have pointed out, the basics of success still reside with barbells, dumbbells and the core lifts. Also, these guys AND your gym respectfully remind you to rerack your weights. Bill remembers the old days and looks forward to new ones with his own bodybuilding show.
Section: Mind :: Oct 11, 2011

Ric's Corner: Bill Grant - Memorial Day Part 1.
Bill was in town for the Muscle Beach Memorial Weekend show, and comes ready to talk old-school with Ric. The incredible growth in popularity of Muscle Beach over the years is due in large part to the efforts of promoter Joe Wheatley. Back in the early days, bodybuilding was considered a cult activity and has now moved much closer to the mainstream. While diets have become more scientific, the basics of eating to change body composition remain the same, only the cardio has increased. Another difference between then and now - guys tended to stay in shape year round, with some fine tuning around show time. Bill has noticed a renaissance of interest in the classic methods amongst his training clients at his New York gym.
Section: Mind :: Oct 05, 2011

Ric's Corner: Tim Kimber Of Gold's Gym Part 2.
This particular Venice Beach gym has always been a magnet for celebrities, many of them appearing during the Golden Era and still training there today. While he doesn't get the phone calls from movie studios looking for bodybuilding actors so much anymore, Ric still travels out of his way a few times a week to take in the vibe and the familiar faces. Tim's branched out his career since moving on from the Mecca, sharing other common bonds with Ric in music, and in business.
Section: Mind :: Sep 27, 2011

Tim Kimber Of Gold's Gym Part 1
Ric really digs into the lore of Gold's Gym Venice straight from the source, former owner Tim Kimber. A former bodybuilder himself, Tim assembled a team of partners, moved west from his New York home, and set up shop in 1979. With the popularity already established quite well from previous owners, Tim oversaw the moving of the gym to it's current location, and little did he know just how incredible it's reputation would become, still inspiring to the day.
Section: Mind :: Sep 20, 2011

Ric's Corner: Tip Of The Week - Meatballs From Subway.
Ric has a surprising, low cost tip protein for those eating on the run.
Section: Nutrition :: Sep 14, 2011

Ric's Corner: Golds In The Early 80's Part 1.
In this very special multi-part episode, Ric takes you back to near the end of the Golden Era, with rare video footage from this classic era of the Mecca. Catch Mike Christian, Tom Platz, Charles Glass and others crushing iron in this legendary realm.
Section: Mind :: Aug 30, 2011

Ric's Corner: Golden Era Trainer Emilio Gonzales.
At the legendary Firehouse restaurant once again, Ric has invited a long lost friend, a regular of the Golden Era scene. Emilio reflects on the family-like camaraderie, humor, and memorable characters of the time, with stories ranging from moonlighting as stand-in actors, balsa wood TV weights, to flabby visual aids.
Section: Mind :: Aug 23, 2011

Ric's Corner: Pro Bodybuilder Con Demetriou Part 2.
The conversation inevitably veers into comparing the bodybuilder physique of yesteryear to today's top monstrosities. With things settling down for Con in his personal life, it's easier for him to bring up his game to go toe-to-toe with the big players, augmented by his unorthodox dieting habits and cardio-free training. His ultimate goal is the none other than the Olympia, with several stepping stones along the way including the Europa, all documented in detail in the recent additions to his website.
Section: Mind :: Aug 11, 2011

Ric's Corner: Pro Bodybuilder Con Demetriou Part 1.
Ric turns his attention to the current generation of talent this week, bringing 6-time Mr. Australia and new IFBB Pro Con Demetriou into the studio. Along with bad boy Lee Priest, Con ranks among the best pro physiques from Down Under. From his simple upbringing, his training began in his mid-teens, competing by 17. Here's a surprise - Con finds even more common ground with Ric after admitting to an occasional wrestling match and even enjoying it. For training he favors the simple - 15 rest pause sets of preacher curls once a week is all he needs for biceps.
Section: Mind :: Aug 09, 2011

Ric's Corner: The Importance Of Water And Training.
Ric emphasizes the topic initially by relating it with recent health issues. While you probably shouldn't count your various beverages as part of your overall intake, carrying around a gallon jug may just be the best way to ensure you're getting what you need. Noella seems less discriminating about her source of H2O and more about the material of the container, but Ric quickly establishes her bias against well-used gym water fountains.
Section: Nutrition :: Aug 04, 2011

Ric's Corner: Tip Of The Week: DHEA.
Wildly popular when first released likely due to a rash of purported claims by manufacturers and retailers, this hormonal precursor has recently fell out of the mainstream spotlight, yet remains controversial. Ric's suggestion: it still works. Add it to your arsenal for a range of benefits from maintaining mass to cutting body fat.
Section: Supplements :: Aug 02, 2011

Ric's Corner: Samir Bannout Part 2.
Samir's back to wrap up the second half of the interview, candidly admitting to modeling his posing routines after the greats before him, even winning approval from Arnold in a clever game. Now in his mid-50's, he's still got a lot of tricks up his sleeve for manipulating carbs, keeping up the pump, and activating muscle memory. Find out what he thinks about the current state of this under-appreciated art form, if he'll compete again, and what ventures he's cooking up nowadays.
Section: Mind :: Jul 26, 2011

Ric's Corner: Samir Bannout Part 1.
This week, Ric's brought in a bona fide bodybuilding tycoon - 1983 Mr. Olympia & the "Lion of Lebanon" himself Samir Bannout. Like many young people from his era, his foray into the world of bodybuilding was undeniably influenced by pop culture, and Arnold specifically. By the early 80's, his all-consuming obsession with the sport lead to domination in competition. Find out what got him to the shores of America and into the scene, to building a world-class physique and taking home the ultimate prize.
Section: Mind :: Jul 19, 2011

Ric's Corner: Sex & Fitness Go Hand In Hand.
Staying fit has it's benefits between the sheets too - increased libido from the hormonal surge, and the potential to induce a mate with a more attractive physical presence while feeling better about yourself too. Ric shares his tendency for noticing inadvertent innuendo and quips about an overzealous partner while Noella concludes that modern women may actually become more active with age contrary to established paradigms.
Section: Mind :: Jul 12, 2011

Ric's Corner: Ed Giuliani's House Part 3.
In the final segment of this interview, you'll get opinions on the extinct "stomach vacuum", Eddy's lean-n-mean longevity diet, and a bonus for men - the best answer for the dreaded "how do I look in these jeans?" question.
Section: Mind :: Jul 06, 2011

Ric's Corner: Ed Giuliani's House Part 2.
On to part 2 at the House That Eddy Built, this old pair mull over training technicalities, peculiar pre-workout solutions, would-be guests, and the "cult" of bodybuilding. Ed points out how only in recent times have almost all other sports adopted principles of strength training, lending some credibility to a lifestyle and community often left out of mainstream attention.
Section: Mind :: Jun 28, 2011

Ric's Corner: Ed Giuliani's House Part 1.
Ric's on location at the hand-built home of long time friend Ed Giuliani in the heart of Venice Beach. Maintaining a fine heritage of craftsmanship and woodwork, Ed was tutored in the trade by none other than fellow Golden Era titan Dave Draper. You can also catch him still training, proper, at Gold's Venice. But, his answer to the now infamous question is no - the pump isn't the same anymore. With his background in craft, it's easy for Ed to appreciate the excellent hand-built equipment of Joe Gold's at the original location, including extinct species such as the vertical leg press.
Section: Mind :: Jun 22, 2011

Ric's Corner: Gold's Venice Tour - 2011.
Ric takes you on a guided walk through video tour of the modern day Gold's Venice Beach. Check out the get-down-to-business atmosphere, extensive machine selection, and that special feeling you've step foot into a realm of legend.
Section: Mind :: Jun 14, 2011

Ric's Corner: Tip Of The Week - Towel Training.
Here's a unique tip you probably haven't heard of before: try using a towel for a quick partner-facilitated push pull workout.
Section: Training :: Jun 07, 2011

Ric's Corner: Boyer Coe Part 2.
Trailing off the "we don't get the same pump we used to" talk common amongst maturing bodybuilders, the discussion with the storied Coe continues with body part splits, strong man Marvin Eder, his new hybrid leverage system set to storm the commercial equipment marketplace, and a campy Clint Eastwood story to boot. A serial entrepreneur, Boyer has several ongoing business projects.
Section: Mind :: May 24, 2011

Ric's Corner: Boyer Coe Part 1.
Ric's lined up a special guest this week, phenomenal bodybuilding legend Boyer Coe. This soft-spoken Southerner has racked up more contest wins than you'd care to count, and has some very interesting takes on subjects like contest judges, starting training at 13, and cream-based bulking diets. Like other guests before him, Boyer agrees that the Golden Era physiques were much more distinguishable than today.
Section: Mind :: May 17, 2011

Ric's Corner: Arnold - Then & Now.
Age, just like that old friend you'd rather not see who's back in town, is eventually going to catch up with the best of us, and even elite physiques such as brandished by a '70's era Arnold are not exempt. The fact is, as time goes on, bodies will change along with priorities. Interested in training the old-school way? Be sure to check out Ric's new Golden Era personal training service.

Section: Mind :: May 10, 2011

Ric's Corner: Remembering Gold's Gym.
Jack's owned many gyms in the Southern California area, but none quite as good as the original Gold's Gym, with it's no-nonsense atmosphere and precision hand-made equipment, with not a treadmill in sight. If you've always wanted to move out to LA and live the beach and bodybuilding lifestyle, these two have some words of advice for you. Machines and free weights each have their own unique benefits, Ric suggest supersetting them back to back to get the best of each.
Section: Mind :: May 03, 2011

Ric's Corner: Jack Lalanne.
Ric brings back guest Jack Armstrong to remember timeless icon Jack Lalanne, from his pioneering televised fitness shows for housewives, to his doppelganger on the west coast, to his incredible feats of strength and endurance. Jack's influence knew no bounds, inspiring everyone from Richard Simmons to Arnold.
Section: Mind :: Apr 26, 2011

Ric's Corner: Leroy Colbert Part 3.
In the final segment, Leroy looks back on life with no regrets, and admires the quality of nutrition available to today's bodybuilders.
Section: Mind :: Apr 19, 2011

Ric's Corner: Leroy Colbert Part 2.
Recipe for entertaining interviews (Ric's à la carte): Start by combining larger than life stories involving a confident young Arnold, walnut shells, and motor oil, slowly fold in car analogies and ex-wives, and finally sprinkle generously with Joe Weider anecdotes to taste. Bake at 350 for about 12 minutes, 20 seconds.
Section: Mind :: Apr 12, 2011

Ric's Corner: Leroy Colbert Part 1.
No one secures interviews with eccentric old-school characters like Ric, and this week's guest is a treat. Vintage cover model, bodybuilder, and long time nutrition store owner Leroy Colbert was a ground-breaking African American athlete. A promising career was unexpectedly cut short with a life altering accident in the late '50s. Like previous guests before him, Leroy covers the basics of now and then: how drugs have changed the sport, the level of knowledge in nutrition, and the homogeneity of modern physiques compared to the old days where you could tell a man from his silhouette.
Section: Mind :: Apr 05, 2011

Ric's Corner: Relationships Between The Sexes Part 2.
Relationships are just another season of life - you've got your springs and summers, but you can't escape the winters. It seems the best chance anyone has is share those common passions.
Section: Mind :: Mar 29, 2011

Ric's Corner: Relationships Between The Sexes Part 1.
In exploring the "tuff n' tender" sides of human nature, hear two different perspectives on why it seems more and more relationships today are headed for trouble. Noella warns men not to try to outdo their female counterparts with the whole hair, skins, and nails bit, but to focus more on the balance with personality. Realistic expectations along with a willingness to compromise when entering a relationship might help too. Opinions on how men and women handle change (not the jingle-in-the-pocket type) might be as varied as how they actually do. Fitness lifestyles can be a good compatibility factor, but watch for potential conflicts. Ric illustrates honesty as an admirable quality in a partner with a light-hearted anecdote of a would-be wife.
Section: Mind :: Mar 22, 2011

Ric's Corner: Tip Of The Week - Power Bands.
If you're on the road frequently, don't forget about this compact little fitness device that can help you put in a full body workout when there's no gym handy.
Section: Training :: Mar 15, 2011

Ric's Corner: Training And Aging.
Listen up baby boomers, this one's going to be important for you. On the other hand, if you're young, Ric's got some advice for you to. Pounding your joints into dust with super-heavy lifting will catch up with you some day. For the older crowd still in the gym, it's about training smarter, not necessarily heavier. Focus on diet, avoiding overtraining, and living a long and healthy life.
Section: Training :: Mar 08, 2011

Ric's Corner: Tip Of The Week - Rest.
You've heard it time and time again, but it's importance warrants repeating. Without proper rest you might as well stay out of the gym completely. Drop the ego and schedule it in.
Section: Training :: Mar 01, 2011

Ric's Corner: Sex And Fitness Part 2.
You know you wanted this one to keep going, and here it is. Ric's distaste for serial gym gawkers is expressed and shared by Noella. On the other hand, it's a well accepted fact that the fitness industry is continuing to turn up the heat in an attempt to draw more attention. As far as gym romances, they may feel natural, but consider the outcome of burning a bridge before you lay it. Sound advice - if you like where you train, don't get involved with anyone there.
Section: Mind :: Feb 23, 2011

Ric's Corner: Sex And Fitness Part 1.
Time to satisfy your curiosity about something going on between Ric and Noella, and it's not what you think. Ric begins by chronicling his romantic interludes starting with the attention attracted by his high school band, multiple experiences with jealous girlfriends, and segueing into Viagra, self confidence, and our sexually driven culture. Noella offers requisite female perspective and agrees that the better things work in the gym, the better they work in the bedroom.
Section: Mind :: Feb 16, 2011

Ric's Corner: Mohamed Mohsen.
Ric brings you another highly requested interview this week and digs up old friend Mohamed Mohsen. Mohsen, a veteran of the "Platinum" era of bodybuilding, or the early 80's, bore witness to the great transition of modern bodybuilding as the symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing look of the 70's gave way to the monstrous Haney/Yates era where mass was king. Despite the hectic pressures of present day life including running acclaimed color-crafting outfit Dream Tan and launching a new TV network, he still adheres to a tight diet and training schedule.
Section: Mind :: Feb 08, 2011

Ric's Corner: Tip Of The Week - Cable Cross Overs.
This great tip will make sure you're maximizing your chest workout by performing cable crossovers and pec decks properly.
Section: Training :: Feb 02, 2011

The Man Behind Two Meccas
Legendary Gold's Gym was founded by a man named Joe Gold. Yep, everyone knows that. But you might be surprised to learn that Joe Gold's masterpiece of a gym went by a different name...
Section: Training :: Feb 01, 2011

Over Training Back In The Day.
If a little was good, then more was better. Makes sense in a way, but the body doesn't respond that way and at 65 you simply can't do that. Here's a little background on what I did and a sample workout program.
Section: Training :: Jan 31, 2011

Big Muscles And The Big Screen: Bodybuilders In Film.
Years before I started training, I would watch movies and see people like Steve Reeves and wonder how they got that way and got into movies. Here's more as I step back so you can see where many got their start.
Section: Mind :: Jan 28, 2011

From Fan To Famous – My Bodybuilding Journey.
When I was around 12 and saw my first issue of Muscle Builder Magazine. I read articles to see how guys built muscle... Former professional wrestler Ric Drasin describes what led to his incredible success.
Section: Mind :: Jan 27, 2011

Adventures With Arnold – Girls, Gigs, And Breaking Mom's Recliner.
Training with Arnold was one thing, but hanging with him was something else. It would all start with breakfast at Zucky's Deli in Santa Monica. Here's a trip down memory lane with the Austrian Oak.
Section: Training :: Jan 26, 2011

Ric's Corner: Gym Gossip & Cliques.
Ric's noticed (you probably have too) that most gyms have noticeably segmented social groups and recommends steering clear to avoid negative influences. Noella talks about fitness and self-esteem and observes another distraction in the gym environment: the temptation of flirting, hook-ups, and relationships with other members. Work out for the right reasons, to look good and to feel good about yourself.
Section: Mind :: Jan 25, 2011

Ric's Corner: Relationships In Bodybuilding, Part 3.
The conversation continues with revelations on attractive women with less-than-so men, bodybuilding and longevity, jealousy and sabotage.
Section: Mind :: Jan 18, 2011

Ric's Corner: Relationships In Bodybuilding, Part 2.
What compromises are you willing to make between your fitness and personal life? Does your significant other understand your lifestyle, accept it, or share it? How about your family? These important questions and more are hashed out between popular guest Noella Downs and Ric, who draws comparisons between the 70's and today.
Section: Mind :: Jan 11, 2011

Ric's Corner: Sweat In Gyms Part 2.
As the conversation continues, it's mutually agreed upon that it's fine to sweat in the gym - for either sex, but, not too much. Ric also shares some little known off-beat facts about wrestlers hygiene plus a bonus about 70's locker room colognes, and Noella about gym born bacterial infections. Turns out gym equipment and wrestling mats can also double as lab experiments in the proper environments. The other side of the coin is over-fragrancing, inducing headaches and raising annoyance levels. To those interested, Ric finally discloses his secret scent to conclude the series.
Section: Training :: Jan 10, 2011

Ric's Corner: Happy New Year.
A personal message from Ric: Make 2011 your best year ever by overcoming challenges and turning them into opportunities.
Section: Mind :: Jan 04, 2011

Ric's Corner: Sweat In Gyms Part 1.
Ric and Noella broach an important but embarrassing subject: body odor in the gym. Bottom line - you're going to sweat, but there are ways to control the offensive qualities of it. Noella suggests that the more hydrated you are, the less of a problem you will have with odor in the gym, so drink up. Ric's primary uncensored advice - hand washing to prevent bacteria from spreading, and fast-thinking fist bumps over handshakes (invented for that very purpose). Noella is shocked to hear about water fountain habits, but questions men's perspective of sweaty women.
Section: Training :: Jan 03, 2011

Ric's Corner: Joining A Gym For The New Year.
If you've decided to finally stick to your resolution of joining a gym for the New Year and can make it past the first 30 days, this is information you won't want to pass up. If you are unfamiliar with the gym scene, start by getting a good, dedicated trainer and check for free sessions. If you can't find one of those, ask other knowledgeable members and chances are they'd be happy to help. After getting started, keep your mind focused on the task at hand, creating a strong mind-muscle connection will get you better results. To ensure success, mix up your everyday lifting and cardio routine with other fitness related activities to keep things from getting boring.
Section: Mind :: Dec 28, 2010

Ric's Corner: Holiday Diets.
This week's episode is choke full of expert advice on maintaining your self control during the diet-be-damned holiday season. Eating before parties, controlling your portions, and making the right choices will allow you to stay on track while even allowing for a little flexibility. Watch the booze while you're at it.
Section: Nutrition :: Dec 21, 2010

Ric's Corner: Tip Of The Week - Post Workout Drinks.
If you want maximum results from your intense workouts, don't overlook the critical anabolic post-workout window where the body is like a sponge for carbs, protein, amino acids, and other nutrients.
Section: Nutrition :: Dec 14, 2010

Ric's Corner: Figure & Bikini Champ Noella Downs, Part 2.
Ric's learned over time that adjusting diet can affect fat loss just as much as adding more cardio, and Noella tends to agree adding that she holds back with her background in track & field. Musings over women's bodybuilding and balancing muscularity and femininity lead to deeper questions about the individual motivations behind the freakiest physiques.
Section: Training :: Dec 07, 2010

Ric's Corner: Figure & Bikini Champ Noella Downs, Part 1.
This week Ric brings in a friend from the gym to shed some light on the female perspective of fitness and competing. With the help of a younger brother, Noella got her start at a young age by winning the overall at her first competition, but continues to benefit from the improvements that maturity and experience bring. She looks at the bright side of competition, acknowledging the unique fellowship while staying keenly aware that everyone's out to win. On the diet train, the two compare gender habits when ordering at restaurants and discuss those moments of gastronomical weakness.
Section: Training :: Nov 30, 2010

Ric's Corner: Tip Of The Week - Fenugreek.
This week, Ric's back to his supp stash to dig out one of his favorites: the often misunderstood and under-appreciated herb fenugreek and it's inexpensive muscle building properties.
Section: Supplements :: Nov 23, 2010

Ric's Corner: Tip Of The Week - The Firehouse.
Next time your visiting Venice Beach be sure to stop in and grab a bite at the legendary Firehouse restaurant, a favorite of the Pros and the Gold's Gym crowd.
Section: Nutrition :: Nov 16, 2010

Ric's Corner: Tip Of The Week - Using The Lateral Raise Machine.
Ric's advice on using this unique machine - ditch the handles for better control and muscle activation.
Section: Training :: Nov 09, 2010

Ric's Corner: Tip Of The Week - Fast Food.
Bodybuilders and the physique-minded can still find smart choices that work in most fast food restaurants. Check for clean, lean proteins and scrutinize the carb sources and calorie laden drinks.
Section: Nutrition :: Nov 02, 2010

Ric's Corner: Tip Of The Week - Supplements.
Ready to find out what supplements are in Ric's personal stash? Try whey, arginine, creatine, glutamine, waximaize, BCAAs - and that's just his core products. No company fan boy, you'll see products from Bioplex, NOW, MHP, Universal, IDS, All American EFX, Higher Power, and more.
Section: Supplements :: Oct 26, 2010

Ric's Corner: Tip Of The Week - Getting Ripped Abs.
Adding muscle to your core and getting a ripped midsection might not be as hard as you think. Use two basic moves in the gym - the hanging leg raise plus the jack knife combined with a good diet and you'll see progress quickly. Ric still has abs!
Section: Training :: Oct 19, 2010

Ric's Corner: Tip Of The Week - Working Your Neck.
Ric suggests bringing your neck up to match the rest of your body using a few simple moves.
Section: Training :: Oct 12, 2010

Ric's Corner: Layoffs In Training.
Have you been laid-off lately? We're not talking about your financial problems here - we're talking about your training. Don't pass up taking some critical time off from the gym once in a while, but stay on point with your diet if you do. If you don't, you might be missing out on maximizing performance and leaving important extra gains on the table.
Section: Training :: Oct 05, 2010

Ric's Corner: Training Natural For Bodybuilding.
In just a few short minutes, Ric lays out an entire plan for chemical-free growth. Subjects include laying a foundation with powerlifting, meal frequency, exercise rotation, supps, and more.
Section: Training :: Sep 21, 2010

Ric's Corner: Back To Muscle Beach - Santa Monica Pier.
Ric heads out to the original Muscle Beach in Santa Monica, and highlights the differences between the 70's and now including the different locations of the pit, the arcade with the famous Zoltar, and Pacific Park.
Section: Mind :: Sep 15, 2010

Ric's Corner: How I Got Into Bodybuilding Part 1.
Ric's interviewed many famous celebrities and athletes about how they started they careers - now it's his turn. After being accused of being "lumpy" by and old girlfriend, Ric's interest in bodybuilding only grew as he went from bad old YMCA gyms, to the Army, to Babe's and beyond.
Section: Mind :: Aug 24, 2010

Ric's Corner: Powerlifting.
Ric draws important parallels between powerlifting and bodybuilding. He advises against behind the neck presses opting for Arnold presses instead, encourages neck training and strict form, and offers tips on incorporating powerlifting into your training.
Section: Training :: Aug 17, 2010

Ric's Corner: Charlie's Angels.
Take a journey back in television history to the 1970's where a young Ric Drasin and Roger Callard made their marks in the entertainment industry, and made a living, on a very popular series.
Section: Mind :: Aug 10, 2010

Ric's Corner: Personal Trainers.
Ric points out that the term "personal trainer" is a newer invention, and in the Golden Era they were known as "gym instructors" and evokes his own short lived stint. Then in popular fashion, he discharges a barrage of observations and disappointments about this saturated industry.
Section: Training :: Aug 03, 2010

Ric's Corner: Roger Callard, Part 4.
Friends passed are remembered, mortality contemplated, friendships renewed, eras reflected, and regrets abandoned.
Section: Mind :: Jul 27, 2010

Ric's Corner: Roger Callard, Part 3.
The anecdotes become more and more colorful with stories of Mae West, Dom DeLuise, Charlie's Angels, Kal Szkalak, directors, A-list celebrities, and other characters from days gone by.
Section: Mind :: Jul 20, 2010

Ric's Corner: Roger Callard, Part 2.
Roger talks about the strangely ironic film made about Arnold becoming a governor long before he actually did, and the strong vision he had for his accomplishments. Also, catch the stories about hiding plates on the smith machine at Ken Waller's gym, secretive cardio, and contest prep strategies.
Section: Mind :: Jul 13, 2010

Ric's Corner: Roger Callard, Part 1.
By popular request, Ric interviews bodybuilder, actor, and sports guy Roger Callard. After analyzing Ric's strange thumb-less grip, Roger explains his all-star Midwest sports background and his transition into bodybuilding and acting.
Section: Mind :: Jul 06, 2010

Ric's Corner: Jobs For Bodybuilders In The 70's.
While everything seemed like all fun and sun at Muscle Beach, people still had to make a living and the perfect fit seemed to be the movie and entertainment industry. Ric discusses one of his early careers as a Kelloggs salesman until corporate restriction forced a change. Other interesting gigs for meat heads included bouncers, brick layers, and surprisingly enough teachers.
Section: Mind :: Jun 29, 2010

Ric's Corner: Relationships In Bodybuilding.
Ric rattles off a near 10 minute rant addressing all the rumors, mumblings, accusations, assumptions, and insecurities he's heard over the years.
Section: Mind :: Jun 22, 2010

Where Schools Fail: Kids Improve Fitness Through Wrestling!
I found that words from the mouth of a pro wrestler means a lot to these kids? It's not all about beating people up. Pro wrestling is so much more than that. Here are a few key points.
Section: Sports :: Jun 21, 2010

How Dedication And Commitment Can Help You Achieve Your Goals!
Have you had an injury and struggled to get back to the gym? Read Ric Drasin's story about how dedication to his ideal physique has kept him fired up for over 40 years!
Section: Mind :: Jun 16, 2010

Ric's Corner: Mogul Joe Weider, Part 4.
In the final segment of the interview with fitness tycoon Joe Weider, Ric recognizes why a man like this never really retires and is perfectly content commanding the largest bodybuilding and fitness empire in the world into the twilight of life. In a short but interesting anecdote he recalls the short lived drug testing period of the IFBB in the 70's. Ric discovers a common thread when he finds out Joe had a short stint as a Greco-Roman wrestler.
Section: Mind :: Jun 15, 2010

The Golden Era: Diet And Supplements From The Glory Days Of Bodybuilding!
Back in the Golden Era of Bodybuilding, supplements were slim and eating was mostly real foods. But how did the Pros still get massive muscle gains? Re-live the Muscle Beach memories and discover secrets from the glory days of Bodybuilding below!
Section: Training :: Jun 14, 2010

Ric's Corner: Mogul Joe Weider, Part 3.
The story continues as Joe recalls discovering a weight lifting club, a rare sight at the time. Shortly after, he began to plan his first bodybuilding contest segueing into the creation of the IFBB. Ric finds out if Joe was a Gold's or Gironda man, and delves into the legend of him introducing Arnold to America.
Section: Mind :: Jun 08, 2010

Ric's Corner: Mogul Joe Weider, Part 2.
This incredible self-made man relives everything from the odd jobs he took growing up, to rivalry with fellow publisher Bob Hoffman, to his weight lifting store in Santa Monica, to commissioning his own barbell set through a blacksmith using train wheels.
Section: Mind :: Jun 01, 2010

Ric's Corner: Mogul Joe Weider, Part 1.
It's hard to underplay the significance of this particular Titan of Industry and this week Ric visits Weider HQ to get in a few rare moments with the big man himself. Joe chronicles his humble beginnings as a weightlifter and the origins of his first magazine.
Section: Mind :: May 25, 2010

Ric's Corner: Bodybuilder & Wrestler Jack Armstrong, Part 3.
Times have changed when it comes to the dangers of sun exposure, and gone are the days of baking for 4 hours at a time. Ric recalls how bodybuilding, wrestling, and acting shared a close connection, and the lost art of the stomach vacuum.
Section: Training :: May 18, 2010

Ric's Corner: Bodybuilder & Wrestler Jack Armstrong, Part 2.
Continuing to dig into the history of Muscle Beach, Ric and Jack look back to the post-war era when many bodybuilders were wrestlers, and even back to the alleged original New York location. Bodybuilding is about lifestyle, and things used to be a bit more relaxed and easy going in the 70's. Jack remembers when gyms broke down the sexism barrier and allowed men and women to train together, but pines that they just aren't as hardcore anymore.
Section: Training :: May 11, 2010

Ric's Corner: Bodybuilder & Wrestler Jack Armstrong, Part 1.
It seems like the best memory these old wrestling buddies share is of the famous smorgasbords of the old days, but the characters are unforgettable too. Chuck Ahrens, H.B. Haggerty, Rocky Johnson, Mike Katz, Steve Neece. The real question is who was loyal to their gym, and who could be found training anywhere including the various locations of Muscle Beach, Gold's, or The Dungeon.
Section: Training :: May 05, 2010

Ric's Corner: Seymour Koenig, Part 3.
There's mutual agreement that the Golden Years of bodybuilding will never be duplicated, but will remain a treasured memory. Retirement's good too, but so is doing what you love into the twilight of life.
Section: Training :: Apr 27, 2010

Ric's Corner: Seymour Koenig, Part 2.
Seymour remembers being introduced to Franco Columbo, acting gigs, and the strange habits and personalities of Arnold, Dave Draper, and Zabo Koszewski.
Section: Training :: Apr 20, 2010

Ric's Corner: Venice Bodybuilder Ed Giuliani, Part 3.
The interview wraps up with Dave Draper's home made furniture, Ed's early training schedule, and living the good life.
Section: Mind :: Apr 06, 2010

Ric's Corner: Venice Bodybuilder Ed Giuliani, Part 2.
Ed and Ric remember late friends, Gironda's gym, and the old-school lifestyle.
Section: Mind :: Mar 30, 2010

Ric's Corner: Venice Bodybuilder Ed Giuliani, Part 1.
Ric loves combing through the legendary streets of Venice in search of friends from a bygone era, and this week he happens upon old guard crewmember Eddy. Times have changed, and gone are the days of the camaraderie between bodybuilders and cardio-free gyms. The duo recollects the prankster side of Arnold, too-friendly waiters, and eating whole eggs shell included.
Section: Mind :: Mar 25, 2010

Ric's Corner: Venice Gold's Of The 1970's Revisited, Part 2.
The reminiscing continues at the Original Muscle Beach. Ric highlights important period landmarks like Honest John's, Muscle House, and the rowdy Donkin's Inn.
Section: Mind :: Mar 18, 2010

Ric's Corner: Venice Gold's Of The 1970's Revisited, Part 1.
Ric hits the street and visits the Ground Zero of bodybuilding history. Check out the original Gold's Gym, the outdoor Pit, and the famous Zucky's Deli.
Section: Mind :: Mar 09, 2010

Ric's Corner: Bodybuilding Diet Of The 70's
In the Venice Beach of Lore, the Valhalla of the bodybuilding diet was the all-you-can eat smorgasbords. The big guys of the time regularly closed these places down by literally eating them out of business. There was no magic formula to the diet: lean cuts of protein, eggs, cottage cheese, salads, and of course the cheat meal Sundays.
Section: Nutrition :: Mar 02, 2010

Ric's Corner: Arnold And The Boys Leg Training
Arnold fans, here's your most requested episode! See how the boys carved out those pillars of stone in the old days. Yep, you guessed it - back to the basics with squats, donkey calf raises, and the extinct vertical leg press. But as Ric warns, if you want results don't let ego determine your poundage.
Section: Training :: Feb 23, 2010

Ric's Corner: Muscles In The Movies, 70's Style.
Back in the day around the Venice Beach area, many bodybuilders crossed over into acting to help pay the bills, and sometimes how small or bizarre the role was didn't matter. If you look hard enough, you can find bodybuilders in everything ranging from Mae West, rats, and wrestling to the cult classic Demi-Hulk.
Section: Training :: Feb 16, 2010

Ric's Corner: Gold's Characters From The Past.
Every gym's got their strong personalities, but Ric remembers a particularly bawdy and colorful cast from the 70's.
Section: Training :: Feb 09, 2010

Ric's Corner: Gym Etiquette.
Gym manners were different back in the day, no radios, no leaving weights out, and no distractions. Ric rants on everything from co-ed showers and celebrity trainers to hogging machines and dropping weights.
Section: Training :: Feb 02, 2010

Ric's Corner: Training Back With Arnold, Part 1.
Ric dives right into more of what you want to hear: Arnold's back routine. Secrets include wide grip chins, t-bar rows, and seated lat stretches. Almost everyone's had a laugh at the gym attire of the 70's and 80's, Ric shamelessly defends it.
Section: Training :: Jan 26, 2010

Ric's Corner: The Legendary Joe Gold.
Ric remembers gym visionary and icon Joe Gold and his immeasurable contribution to the world of bodybuilding. Recollections of the hand-made equipment, the no music policy, and the friendly rivalry with Vince Gironda's gym paint a vivid picture of the original Venice Beach lifestyle. Ric shares the story behind the creation of the world famous Gold's Gym and World Gym logos.
Section: Training :: Jan 19, 2010

Ric's Corner: Jerry Brainum & Bill Grant, Part 4.
The discussion continues on why hours of cardio is no good, and the same goes for the inexperienced trainers recommending it and other fitness fubars. Jerry gives a rundown on his magazine articles, covering the subjects of supplements and pharmacology in Flex and Iron Man.
Section: Training :: Jan 14, 2010

Ric's Corner: Jerry Brainum & Bill Grant, Part 3.
The segment starts with a genuine shoutout - thanks guys we appreciate it. Bill and Jerry offer their two cents on the current state of bodybuilding and the disconnect between the sport and the public due to overly freakish physiques. Other subjects include the myth of muscle turning into fat and too much cardio.
Section: Training :: Jan 07, 2010

Ric's Corner: Jerry Brainum & Bill Grant, Part 2.
The boys wistfully recall the antics of the eccentric Roger Callard, stories include eating whole chickens and 400lbs. cold squats. The nostalgia continues with recollections of a camera-destroying Arnold during the short lived nude Venice beach era. Jerry Brainum talks about his new book.
Section: Contests :: Jan 05, 2010

Ric's Corner: Jerry Brainum & Bill Grant, Part 1.
These three old friends reunite to knock heads on the subject of bodybuilding into the golden years, and have fun while doing it. Mr. World Bill Grant suggests optimal workout splits for maximum recovery, and supplement guru Jerry Brainum recalls cheese-stealing next door neighbor Frank Zane the 70's.
Section: Training :: Dec 31, 2009

Ric's Corner: Bodybuilding Legend Albert Beckles, Part 2.
Golden era titans Ric and Albert continue this week discussing workout splits, sticking to the basics, and getting real about bodybuilding as a profession.
Section: Contests :: Dec 29, 2009

Ric's Corner: Bodybuilding Legend Albert Beckles.
Ubiquitous world champion and personal friend Albert Beckles talks with Ric about hardcore dieting, heavy lifting, and coming in second in the Olympia to Lee Haney.
Section: Contests :: Dec 24, 2009

Ric's Corner: Training Arms With Arnold.
While most people believe he had an elaborate and highly specialized arm routine, Arnold's secret to bowling ball bis and titanic tris was simply sticking to the basics. Genetics didn't hurt either.
Section: Training :: Dec 22, 2009

Ric's Corner: Dedication.
To really make progress with your fitness, Ric suggests to put away the cell phone and small talk at the gym and get focused. For many this part may come easy, but usually dieting is different ball game. Successful in many endeavors including wrestling and bodybuilding, Ric attributes this to hardcore dedication.
Section: Mind :: Dec 17, 2009

Ric's Corner: Training With Arnold Schwarzenegger, Part 2.
Ric speaks with a bit of nostalgia about gym pioneer Joe Gold and his haven for champions in the 60's and 70's, then reveals some first hand secrets of the revolutionary training technique of the Austrian Oak including old-school work ethic.
Section: Training :: Dec 15, 2009

Ric's Corner: Training With Arnold Schwarzenegger, Part 1.
Today, Ric's ready to answer all your questions about what the experience of old-school bodybuilding was all about. Find out about home made gym equipment, adding mass in the old days, and the Venice Beach lifestyle.
Section: Training :: Dec 13, 2009

Ric's Corner - Main Page!
Revisit the Golden Days of Bodybuilding and wrestling with Ric Drasin! Hear all his stories about training at Gold's Gym in Venice during the 1970's with bodybuilding legends such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, Franco Columbo, Dave Draper, and more!
Section: Mind :: Dec 11, 2009

Bodybuilding, The Early Years: 'The Equalizer' Reveals Rise To Success!
It all started when I was about 12 and saw my first issue of Muscle Builder Magazine. I kept reading these articles... Former professional wrestler Ric Drasin shares accounts of what led to his incredible success. Learn more.
Section: Mind :: Nov 02, 2009

How Bodybuilding & Fitness Popularity Increased Through Movies!
Years before I started training, I would watch movies and see people like Steve Reeves and wonder how they got that way and got into movies. Here's a blast from the past for you to see where many got their start.
Section: Training :: Oct 23, 2009

How Supplements & Diet Have Changed To Help A Bodybuilder Grow!
When I began training in 1957 very little was known about taking food supplements for bodybuilding. At best was the overall vitamin and 'load up with Vitamin C...' Here's a look at the progression I saw.
Section: Supplements :: Aug 14, 2009

Training With Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Austrian Oak!
In 1970 I first met Arnold in the parking lot of Bill Pearl's gym in Inglewood, CA. Arnold was ok in the strength department, but not as strong as I was. Here’s my reflection on what it was like training with the one-and-only Austrian Oak!
Section: Training :: Jul 01, 2008

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